The Training Concepts CSP (Skill Bridge) Program

The Training Concepts Vets in Tech Networking Group

In addition to the vocational assistance we offer our students through Prefer to Hire, Training Concepts also has a LinkedIn Networking group established to assist our active or prior servicemembers with job opportunities. This free group exists on LinkedIn for the purpose of connecting tech-minded veterans to each other. In IT, especially, it is sometimes who you know that will determine where your next work opportunity comes from.

LinkedIn is a great platform for making gainful connections with likeminded individuals, but typically a pre-existing affiliation is required to make connections. By joining this group, your affiliation to our network of veteran alumni, employers, and interested parties is provided for you!

Once your request to join is approved by our moderators, feel free to use the platform to post about companies that are hiring, solutions to common tech problems, or even ask for help. Build your personal network of tech professionals!

Vets in Tech has monthly meetups where we have guest speakers give presentations about job openings within their organizations. This is currently offered remote only. 

Chapter 31 Benefits – Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E)

Chapter 33 Benefits – Post 9/11 GI Bill