Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals


This course is designed for individuals seeking a role as an associate-level cybersecurity analyst and IT professionals desiring knowledge in Cybersecurity operations or those in pursuit of the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification.


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This course teaches security concepts, common network and application operations and attacks, and the types of data needed to investigate security incidents. It also teaches how to monitor alerts and breaches, and how to understand and follow established procedures for response to alerts converted to incidents. Individuals will learn the essential skills, concepts, and technologies to be a contributing member of a cybersecurity operations center (SOC) including understanding the IT infrastructure, operations, and vulnerabilities. This course helps you prepare for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification and the role of a Junior or Entry-level cybersecurity operations analyst in a SOC.


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Module 1: Defining the Security Operations Center

Module 2: Understanding Network Infrastructure and Network Security Monitoring Tools

Module 3: Exploring Data Type Categories

Module 4: Understanding Basic Cryptography Concepts

Module 5: Understanding Common TCP/IP Attacks

Module 6: Understanding Endpoint Security Technologies

Module 7: Understanding Incident Analysis in a Threat-Centric SOC

Module 8: Identifying Resources for Hunting Cyber Threats

Module 9: Understanding Event Correlation and Normalization

Module 10: Identifying Common Attack Vectors

Module 11: Identifying Malicious Activity

Module 12: Identifying Patterns of Suspicious Behavior

Module 13: Conducting Security Incident Investigations

Module 14: Using a Playbook Model to Organize Security Monitoring

Module 15: Understanding SOC Metrics

Module 16: Understanding SOC Workflow and Automation

Module 17: Describing Incident Response

Module 18: Understanding the Use of VERIS

Module 19: Understanding Windows Operating System Basics

Module 20: Understanding Linux Operating System Basics


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