CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner CASP+


The target student should aspire to apply critical thinking and judgment across a broad spectrum of security disciplines to propose and implement sustainable security solutions that map to organizational strategies; translate business needs into security requirements; analyze risk impact; and respond to security incidents.

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In this course, you will analyze and apply advanced security concepts, principles, and implementations that contribute to enterprise-level security.

You will:

  • Leverage collaboration tools and technology to support enterprise security.
  • Support IT governance in the enterprise with an emphasis on managing risk.
  • Use research and analysis to secure the enterprise.
  • Integrate advanced authentication and authorization techniques.
  • Implement cryptographic techniques.
  • Implement security controls for hosts.
  • Implement security controls for mobile devices.
  • Implement network security.
  • Implement security in the systems and software development lifecycle.
  • Integrate hosts, storage, networks, applications, virtual environments, and cloud technologies in a secure enterprise architecture.
  • Conduct security assessments.
  • Respond to and recover from security incidents.


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Lesson 1: Supporting IT Governance and Risk Management

  • Topic A: Identify the Importance of IT Governance and Risk Management
  • Topic B: Assess Risk
  • Topic C: Mitigate Risk
  • Topic D: Integrate Documentation into Risk Management

Lesson 2: Leveraging Collaboration to Support Security

  • Topic A: Facilitate Collaboration across Business Units
  • Topic B: Secure Communications and Collaboration Solutions

Lesson 3: Using Research and Analysis to Secure the Enterprise

  • Topic A: Determine Industry Trends and Their Effects on the Enterprise
  • Topic B: Analyze Scenarios to Secure the Enterprise

Lesson 4: Integrating Advanced Authentication and Authorization Techniques

  • Topic A: Implement Authentication and Authorization Technologies
  • Topic B: Implement Advanced Identity and Access Management

Lesson 5: Implementing Cryptographic Techniques

  • Topic A: Select Cryptographic Techniques
  • Topic B: Implement Cryptography

Lesson 6: Implementing Security Controls for Hosts

  • Topic A: Select Host Hardware and Software
  • Topic B: Harden Hosts
  • Topic C: Virtualize Servers and Desktops
  • Topic D: Protect Boot Loaders

Lesson 7: Implementing Security Controls for Mobile Devices

  • Topic A: Implement Mobile Device Management
  • Topic B: Address Security and Privacy Concerns for Mobile Devices

Lesson 8: Implementing Network Security

  • Topic A: Plan Deployment of Network Security Components and Devices
  • Topic B: Plan Deployment of Network-Enabled Devices
  • Topic C: Implement Advanced Network Design
  • Topic D: Implement Network Security Controls

Lesson 9: Implementing Security in the Systems and Software Development Lifecycle

  • Topic A: Implement Security throughout the Technology Lifecycle
  • Topic B: Identify General Application Vulnerabilities
  • Topic C: Identify Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Topic D: Implement Application Security Controls

Lesson 10: Integrating Assets in a Secure Enterprise Architecture

  • Topic A: Integrate Standards and Best Practices in Enterprise Security
  • Topic B: Select Technical Deployment Models
  • Topic C: Integrate Cloud-Augmented Security Services
  • Topic D: Secure the Design of the Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Topic E: Integrate Data Security in the Enterprise Architecture
  • Topic F: Integrate Enterprise Applications in a Secure Architecture

Lesson 11: Conducting Security Assessments

  • Topic A: Select Security Assessment Methods
  • Topic B: Perform Security Assessments with Appropriate Tools

Lesson 12: Responding to and Recovering from Incidents

  • Topic A: Prepare for Incident Response and Forensic Investigations
  • Topic B: Conduct Incident Response and Forensic Analysis


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