up to date LinkedIn profile

Today’s companies rely heavily on supplementary tools to find their “perfect fit” candidate. Gone are the days of employers simply relying on resumes to aid in their search for qualified personnel. While your resume is the key component to landing your dream job, how you present yourself on networking sites has rapidly become a close second. LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site and the most utilized. They house 133 million users in the U.S alone. As detailed in the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, LinkedIn is used by 87 percent of recruiters during their candidate search. It’s safe to say it’s a great tool for employers and individuals to use when looking to land a new job or fill a position. The most important aspect of creating and maintaining a relevant profile on LinkedIn is continuously keeping your profile up to date with connections and information about yourself. Below you will find 5 realistic tips you can implement to leverage LinkedIn’s capabilities to help you find and land your next job!

1. Update your profile regularly.

Any time you update your resume, you should be updating your LinkedIn profile as well. The core information you add when setting up your account like your education and employment experience may not change as often, but there are still areas in your account that you can update. Maybe it’s been five years since you updated your profile picture. Taking the time to capture a professional, updated headshot will add a fresh look to your account. It is also great to revisit your “Skills” section often. LinkedIn offers more than 45,000 skills for members to choose from. Switching them up on a regular basis can help you appear in candidate searches you may not have been in before.

2. Be thorough.

Look at your up to date LinkedIn profile as an extension of your resume. Your resume is your place to highlight the most important, relevant skills and experiences you have for a specific role. This often results in the omission of certain skills you possess. LinkedIn is your opportunity to include every skill you possess without feeling like you are being too detailed. Don’t leave any skill out because it could end up being the one a future employer is looking for in their candidate!

3. Emphasize your headline.

Your headline, along with your photo and name, are the only items that people see when they do a search. This means your headline is the first impression many people will get from you. Create a headline that stands out and details what your passion is or what type of position you are hoping to begin. It’s a great opportunity to add some personal flair, but remember to keep it professional!

For more help on writing an effective headline, check out this article!

4. Maximize your network.

One of the most beneficial aspects of LinkedIn is the networking. The types and quantity of connections you possess increase your chances of being seen. Connect with all current or former co-workers, managers, etc. You can also import contact lists from your email to streamline this process.

5. Stay active and join groups.

Strive to maintain a level of activity on your up to date LinkedIn profile. This can look like posting an update in your professional life or sharing a post from one of your connections. The more you interact within your account and with others, the more likely it is you will be noticed.

LinkedIn offers groups on various subjects and realms. Utilize the “Advanced Search” option to find groups in your area. This will help you grow your network and meet influential contacts. Only join groups that have recent activity. Otherwise, it will not likely be of much benefit to you.

Focus on these five tips, and you will be well on your way to improving your chances of being noticed on LinkedIn! Need additional help? Reach out to us on our LinkedIn page to connect and have a member of our student success team contact you!