• Q: Are books included in the cost of training?
    A: Yes, books are included in the price of tuition.
  • Q: Are all of your classes instructor led?
    A: Yes. All of our classes are instructor led; however, there are some have a virtual format offered as well.
  • Q: What is the average class size at Training Concepts?
    A: The average class size is 4-10 students with a maximum of 14.
  • Q: Are there computer labs available for practising or studying?
    A: Yes. The labs are available to students outside of class by appointment.
  • Q: Does Training Concepts offer tutoring sessions or one-on-one training?
    A:Yes. These are available upon request to make up missed sessions or to review difficult topics based upon availability of instructors.
  • Q: Does Training Concepts offer training outside of the Columbia, SC area?
    A: Yes. Training Concepts partners with other technical schools and universities in various areas of South Carolina. TC also provides custom on-site training at corporate business locations anywhere in the United States.
  • Q: How do I register for a class?
    A: Submit a request on the website and a representative will register you remotely, or call us at 803-772-6441.
  • Q: How much do certification exams cost?
    A: The costs vary for $110 to $600+. Please contact our testing administrator for individual certification costs.
  • Q: Do you offer customized training?
    A: Yes. Customized curriculum, on-site training and custom dates are available. Please contact your account representative for details.
  • Q: Are discounts available for training?
    A: Yes. There are discounts available for volume training. Discounts may also be available for government and education customers.
  • Q: How much knowledge or experience do I need to benefit from the course?
    A: It depends on the intended audience for each particular course. Some courses recommend previous experience and some do not. Please refer to the “Intended Audience” section of our Course Descriptions located on the Courses page.
  • Q: Are the industry certification exams administered by Training Concepts?
    A: All certification exams are administered and proctored by Training Concepts with only a few exceptions, such as PMP CISSP.
  • Q: Is the cost of the certification exam included in the course cost?
    A: Exam vouchers are not usually included for individual courses. However, if it is part of a packaged career program such as VA or WIA then vouchers are usually included.
  • Q: How late do night classes run?
    A: Night courses usually start at 6pm and conclude around 9:30 – 10:30pm.
  • Q: Can I take your courses on-line?
    A: Most of our courses are hands on and instructor-led. However, there are some courses available remotely.
  • Q: What is Alumni status and how does it work?
    A: All students who attend a class at TC qualify for 12 months of alumni status. This allows class retakes for 12 months after the original class was attended at no additional charge. Some limitations apply for new course versions.
  • Q: Can I take my certification exam(s) at Training Concepts?
    A: Yes. Training Concepts is authorized to deliver exams through Pearson Vue & Certiport at our headquarters in Columbia, SC.
  • Q: What are the hours available for testing?
    A: Training Concepts’ students may test on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 3 PM.
  • Q: How do I register for my exam?
    A: Students of Training Concepts can contact our test administrator using the contact request form or call 803-772-6441. Please allow at least three business days prior to the desired exam date to check on availability and/or to schedule an exam.